Andrea Kelemen is a researcher interested in investigating technology, power and metaphysics from the perspective of folds: the folding of the symbolic into the digital, the virtual into the actual and the cognitive into the material.

Since acquiring her MA in Philology, Andrea completed a number of post-graduate courses in the fields of anthropology, sociology, design, computer science, and philosophy, and has 8 years of experience working in industry as a product researcher.
Primarily working in the ML space, Andrea uses ethnomethodology to help teams bridge the gap between procedural and descriptive knowledge and create post-representationalist vernaculars for dialogic innovation.

Andrea’s practice is strongly grounded in data ethics and the open science movement and she is currently working at Reflexive Codes, her self-initiated product research studio. Reflexive Codes uses inductive research methods to delineate bounded-contexts for exploration, constructing ideal end-states that can be reached iteratively through empirical experimentation.