Phase Space

Role: researcher
Credits: Mint Park (sound), Rites Network (virtual worlds)
Year: 2020

Inspired by the scientific core of thermodynamics and emergent computation, Phase Space is an immersive multimedia installation allowing participants to experience the unfolding of future worlds within an alternative onto-epistemological paradigm based on the mechanics of phase transitions.
Phase transitions occur when billions upon billions of particles simultaneously become ordered as intensive parameters in the environment (such as temperature or pressure) increase or decrease past a certain value. One of the most interesting aspects of these particle systems is that they exhibit a complex cooperative behavior during phase transition, similar to that of biological pattern formation in organic assemblages such as flocking, schooling or swirling.

Through producing an embodied experience of the Deleuzian creative genesis fueled by intensive processes leading to phase transitions, we aimed to prefigure an alternative reality: one which privileges becoming over being, difference over essence, relationality over identity and change over stability. We showed how the entanglement of human-non-human cognitive assemblages and their interactions actualize the virtual field of possibilities through intensive differentiation which creates new realities that themselves are changed recursively, via counter-effectuation, in each individuating event.