Reflexive Codes

Role: lead researcher
Skills: ux research, mixed-methods research, innovation consulting
Year: 2019-

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Reflexive Codes is a design research studio working with multidisciplinary teams to help them innovate in the Software 2.0 paradigm. Reflexive Codes believes that observation makes us subject to transformation and uses ethnomethodology to design bounded-contexts for exploration, constructing ideal end-states that can be reached iteratively through empirical experimentation.

Reflexive Codes was borne out of the desire to liberate technological innovation from the marginal betterment of consumer goods. Under our current late-capitalist models and funding structures, transformative change will likely have to come out of industry initiatives. In industry contexts, the value of knowledge is measured by its impact on making better predictions.

The central question of Reflexive Codes is how to build knowledge that reduces uncertainty without relying on the notion of scientific objectivity, universalism, positivism, representationalism and correlationism. RC works with industry teams to help them adopt constructivist methods for generating situated knowledges, and enable them to fold contingency back into their systems of knowledges, recursively, through abductive reasoning and participatory research methods.